Astrakhan Akvavit Service Company is a leading operator in the region to provide economic and production outsourcing in the Caspian Sea.

The company was founded in 2015 and has had more than 30 clients so far.

The company's development strategy is aimed at building long lasting partnership and based on trust and high quality service.

Akvavit Company has a reputation of a reliable and stable supplier of high-quality services, thanks to strict selection of suppliers, laboratory quality control of purchased products and ready meals, supervision over the observance of sanitary norms requirements at all stages of manufacturing, sales of products and services.

The experience gained by the managing and key personnel of the company lets us provide a guarantee of quality, effective and well organized service on the level of the world standards.

Akvavit Company does not offer formulaic solutions; each project takes into account the particular qualities of a partner's business. The company is completely open to the relationship with customers and prices are always reasonable.

Range of services provided by the company gives the client the opportunity not to be distracted for non-core tasks.

This approach increases the efficiency of allocation of resources and gives the customers confidence in Akvavit Company as well as in their own service assets.




Aquavit Company provides its customers with a full range of services on the platform of the Caspian Sea.

The scope and the number of Russian and foreign projects are actively increasing.

Implementing the strategy of geographical diversification of business, the company is developing intensively.

We work wherever they need our high-quality economic and production services.


Work principles

The main principle of Aquavit Company is rapport with the client at all stages of cooperation.

We want and we do everything possible to make your business work effectively, and the tendencies of its favorable development satisfy your expectations and objectives.

Our purpose is not only to provide services; our goal is to help you create a system that would really help your business. Only this will give us a reputation of a good and reliable partner, so that we can look to long-term cooperation.

We practice individual approach to each client. Each project is developed on its own work program, which lets achieve maximum results in the shortest term, in accordance with the customer’s corporate culture and interests.

Any of our customers’ successes, achieved as a result of cooperation with us, are the best indicator of our work and the best praise for our efforts. That is why we value and satisfy their trust.

The process of providing our services is organized so that the client, if desired, could directly control and influence it.

Carrying out their work, the company's employees adhere to its main principle: quality is above all, and the objects of the company are its main business card.


For us persistent development is closely linked with development, well-being and safety of our partners, employees of the companies which we serve and also the inhabitants of the region.

The basis of all activities of Aquavit Company is a thoroughly thought-out approach, which takes into account strict balance of the company’s own interests and the interests of the client and society.

The program of the company's sustainable development is based on principles of social responsibility, the process approach in managing and production, continuous quality control and strict adherence to hygienic standards.

The dynamic development of the Akvavit Company is provided thanks to long-term experience of employees, the policy of reliability and quality conducted by the company, competence of the Management Team and correctly chosen strategy of development.

Today Akvavit Company continues to expand the scope of activities, increasing production and technical capacity and managerial professionalism.

The company's strategy

The current economic situation in which Akvavit Company is operating is characterized as unstable and uncertain.

Sustainable development of the company depends on its ability to anticipate and respond flexibly to changing conditions in the external environment, retain and gain new competitive advantages in the market.

The Company's strategy is in achieving and maintaining leading positions in all directions of its activities.

We see the guarantee of success and stability in constantly building up experience combined with an innovative approach to production issues.

Company's mission

  To be a reliable partner
  Advance the customer's needs and achieve economic goals jointly.
  To create optimal and favorable conditions for the success and implementation of your business at any time and at any place.

Company values

Various organizations understand the term “value” differently and in accordance with this, it is also used differently.

Customer Interests

The idea of our work is to serve the interests of our clients. We perceive the customer's needs like our own and do the work as if we did it for ourselves.

The ability to understand the client and see the client's needs lets us anticipate the desire of the client, and the ability to develop quickly help us to give our clients more than we are expected to.

We are proud of our being helpful.

The Team

We come from different families. We have different professional and life experience. We all are different, but we are together, because we have common values. In our team there are no come-and-go people. All relationships are built on mutual respect, mutual aid and support.

For us, this concept is not just a beautiful word – it’s our way. The values are our guide in strategic planning of the development which helps us in our daily work.

Making decisions in any situations, we take our values as a basis to do the job well.


Honesty in thoughts, actions, deeds and judgments are the basis of our relationships with colleagues, clients and partners.


The priority of the Company is ensuring long-term competitiveness. That is why a considerable place in the company's development strategy is given to compliance with work standards, guarantees and commitments, and of course, to the level of corporate responsibility.


The activities of our company are based on the principle of efficiency in whatever we do. Achieving optimal results and maximum resource efficiency are the basic guidelines of our activities.


From our point of view this is not only the right to complete and accurate information about the Company, but it is one of the components of the corporate culture of Akvavit Company.

We arrange our work so that each of our employees could receive the information about their rights and responsibilities timely, as well as about the latest news and important events in the life of the Company.

We provide all our clients equal access to accurate and clear information about the implementation of the project.

Showing professional openness in all business relationships, we are principled and consistent in execution of our obligations.

We are honest to ourselves and are able to admit our mistakes without justifying them.