Complex service of remote objects

Providing comprehensive solution for remote sites, Akvavit Company takes over the organization of the full life cycle of the facility, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the core business of your company.

Akvavit Company ensures comfort and safety of people.

We take care of the quality of everyday life.

Laundry and dry cleaning

One of the most important directions of Akvavit Company is providing laundry services seven days a week.

In order to clean working overalls, subject to various, including pollution dangerous for human health, professional approach is applied, that is high-tech laundry equipment, efficient chemicals and the trained personal.

Flawless appearance of employees is an important element of its corporate image.

High-tech laundry equipment
Efficient chemicals
The trained personnel

Professional cleaning of premises and territories

Our task is to create favorable conditions for our customers; we take into account the requirements of customers and organize a complex cleaning of premises, buildings and adjacent territories.

For each object technology maps defining necessary kinds of work and terms of its fulfillment are developed.

Availability of qualified permanent staff personnel enables services to the customer in any desired amount, within the schedule time and of proper quality.

We take care of your property and your employees, creating an atmosphere of cleanliness, order and prosperity, which undoubtedly improves the working conditions and the atmosphere in the team.

Organization of corporate and industrial food supply

Integrated solutions offered by Akvavit Company in the field of catering services, allow you to organize the service in accordance with the wish of any customer.

The needs and well-being of consumers are crucial to our business. We listen carefully to our customers and always remember about their tastes and preferences.

Cooking methods are planned so as to meet the actual needs of customers. Different stages of product processing and cooking are carried out in accordance with the legal requirements in terms of hygiene and safety standards in definite areas at every stage of the process (eg, defrost, meat processing, vegetable processing) in order to prevent food spoilage risks due to improper use of technological equipment .

All processes are carried out in accordance with the policy of hygiene and food safety, to which the employees of our companies adhere strictly.

Menu planning is carried out by our chef on-site services and special attention is paid to quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Storage of food products is regulated in accordance with the time interval between ordering food and the arrival of the cargo, the potential risks of damage output and maximum periods of service load.

A company conducts a strict selection of suppliers, laboratory quality control of purchased products and ready meals, supervising compliance with health standards and requirements at all stages of production and sales.

We buy only certified products and only from regular suppliers, proven best.

Directions of economic and production outsourcing.

Akvavit Company contractor acts for public corporations, large industrial companies and holding companies in the following areas:

– Organization of corporate and industrial food supply

– Professional cleaning of premises and territories

– Laundry and dry cleaning

– Complex service of remote objects